Advocates Welcome Down Syndrome Guidance for Adults

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Brian Chicoine, MD, medical director, Advocate Medical Group Adult Down Syndrome Center, Park Ridge, IL.

Nicholas Breitnauer, MD, Denver Health.

Michelle Sie Whitten, president, CEO, Global Down Syndrome Foundation; Medical Care Guidelines for Adults with Down Syndrome Workgroup.

Karen Gaffney, president, Karen Gaffney Foundation.

Beverly Johnson, actress/model; advocate and international spokesperson, Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Joanne Richardson, Lawrenceville, GA.

Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

National Down Syndrome Congress.

National Down Syndrome Society.

Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action. “Facts about Down Syndrome,” “Data and Statistics on Down Syndrome.”

Healthline: “Down Syndrome: Facts, Statistics, and You.”

JAMA: “Medical Care of Adults With Down Syndrome.”

Pediatrics: Clinical Report — Health Supervision for Children With Down Syndrome.

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