Colleges and Universities: The New COVID Hot Spots

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The New York Times: “Tracking Covid at U.S. Colleges and Universities.”

Time: “College Professors Made Models Showing How Bad COVID-19 Would Be on Campus. Some Administrators Ignored Them.”

ABC News: “Colleges forced to reckon with rising COVID-19 cases.”

NPR: “Despite Mass Testing, University Of Illinois Sees Coronavirus Cases Rise.”

University of Illinois: “Increased Undergraduate Enforcement of COVID-19 Safety Guidelines.”

USA Today: “’Astonishingly risky’: COVID-19 cases at colleges are fueling the nation’s hottest outbreaks.”

CNN: “Michigan State University students asked to self-quarantine after Covid-19 outbreak.”

News & Observer: “NC State University will close campus dorms, calling COVID situation ‘untenable.’”

Wisconsin State Journal: “UW-Madison threatens ‘more drastic action’ as experts say COVID-19 outbreak impacting broader community.”

Laurence Steinberg, PhD, distinguished university professor and Laura H. Carnell professor of psychology, Temple University, Philadelphia.

Brain and Cognition: “Examining the link between adolescent brain development and risk taking from a social-developmental perspective.”

The Washington Post: “A group of students knew they had covid-19. They hosted a party over Labor Day anyway.”

NBC News: “Partying seen at Florida State, University of Kansas as college football resumes.”

Nature: “‘We didn’t model that people would go to a party if they tested positive.’”

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